Man To Man || Director

Man To Man is a hard-hitting, multi-award winning, emotional rollercoaster starring SAG/Independent Spirit Award-nominated David Harewood OBE (Supergirl, Homeland, Blood Diamond).

This BIFA & BAFTA-qualifying drama examines a Father-Son relationship as Malcolm brings his son Dion to a boxing ring to ‘make a man’ out of him. The two go head to head in the ring, only it is not a battle of fists. They are locked in a battle of words. After so many years of avoidance, Malcolm and Dion finally let it all out to decide: what does it mean to truly be a man in today’s world?

1st Prize Breaking Boundaries Award – Flicker’s Rhode Island Film Festival.

Official Selection – Flickerfest International Film Festival

Official Selection – Pan African International Film Festival

Official Selection – BronzeLens

Best Screenplay – Beeston Film Festival

“We See You” Award – S.O.U.L Film Fest

20+ Additional awards at bodies like Bucharest Film Festival, Reale Film Festival etc.

Queen of Diamonds || Director

Paula and Ali sit down for the very last time, as they break up over the setting sun of Greenwich Hill. It is the most painful thing they will ever have to do, but deep down they know, sometimes love is simply not enough.

Do It For Her || Director - Story

Bilal is struggling in silence with university, family life and money. As he desperately looks for a way out, the devastating impact of a hidden addiction takes over all aspects of his life. But what can you do when a hidden addiction takes control?

Produced by Fully Focused Production and commissioned by 3 anti-gambling groups, the film has already scored over 30,000 views on the MYM Channel and is being used in schools across the U.K. to dissuade young people from gambling.

The Traveller || Writer - Director - Producer

Travellers are a breed of human being, sent from the future to maintain peace in the world – or so they claim. When one such Traveller is detained, an unorthodox psychoanalyst is tasked with his interrogation, uncovering truths about his past that puts his entire universe at question.

Premiered at Festival of Cinema, NYC.

Official Selection at Lift-Off London Global Sessions

Official Selection at Mosquers Film Festival

Chocolate || Writer - Director - Producer

Chocolate is a coming-of-age drama short film set in East London.

17-year-old Jordan has grown up his whole life without a father, his only releases being music and football. When his elusive uncle Diego comes to visit for the first time in years, Jordan finally has a male role model to look to. As he slowly realises that Uncle Diego goes against everything Jordan’s mother stands for, he is confronted with the biggest question in his life – what does it mean to truly be a man?

Selected on the MYM Channel, scoring over 100,000 views.

Acquired by Line Stream streaming platform.

Acquired by SonderBlu streaming platform.

The Letter || Writer - Director

Leila Ahmed is a British activist, coping with the loss of being estranged from her fiance who has gone missing in Syria.

Best Picture – Mosquers Film Festival

Audience Choice – Mosquers Film Festival

Best Actress – Mosquers Film Festival

Official Selection – Hollywood International Film Festival

Official Selection – Malta Film Festival

Official Selection – Hong Kong World International Film Festival

Official Selection – Cinemagic London

Official Selection – Eurocinema Film Festival

Official Selection – Eurovision Palermo Film Festival

The Letter is a passion project, loosely inspired by true events based around the Syrian conflict.

Inspire || Writer- Director - Producer

Inspire is a short story which follows 4 different characters from diverse, socially excluded backgrounds, and shows how their stories intersect.

Winner – Tribeca Film Festival (UN Plural+ Award)

Winner – Insight Film Festival

Winner – Hamptons Film Festival

Finalist – Shuffle Film Festival

Finalist – Mokhtars Film Festival

Official Selection – Uptown Film Festival

Shot on a £0 budget, the film has gone on to be screened all over the world, particularly in educational institutes and international festivals. I wrote and directed the film, produced by my creative partner Awais Ali

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